Why are some waivers unsigned?

We take privacy, security and liability very seriously at imATHLETE. Because of this, we continuously work with attorneys and other experts to ensure our waiver process adheres to the most strict standards. It is important, for your liability, that each person sign their own waiver. That is why imATHLETE gets everybody to sign waivers themselves.

Everybody who registers themselves on imATHLETE is required to sign a waiver during registration. Period. In some cases (like USA Triathlon sanctioned events), they will sign two waivers.

If a parent or guardian registers a child, they will sign the waiver for their child during registration.

If you sign up another person, that person will get an email with instructions on how they can sign their own waiver. All they have to do is click the link on the email, which takes them to the online waiver to sign.

Sometimes, however, a few people who were registered by others may not click their link to sign the waiver. No problem, just send them a reminder to sign the waiver. Here's how to see who hasn't signed a waiver and how to send unsigned waiver reminders.

Still have unsigned waivers as you approach race day? Just flag those people at packet pick-up and make sure they sign a waiver there.