Why does imATHLETE automatically ask Estimated Finish Time?

Estimated Finish Time, in imATHLETE lingo, is a Sorta Standard Question.  It's not quite a standard, required question like name and address, but at the same time it isn't a complete custom question.  That's because the Estimated Finish Time question has a lot more functionality than just people entering a time.

There are a few reasons why we recommend you ask participants their estimated finish time.

1. SOCIAL:  Participants can track their rivals and see who is supposed to finish before and after them

2. MARKETING:  Gives you a decent idea about the athletic prowess of your participants

3. CORRAL + BIB ASSIGNMENT:  Est. Finish Time can be utilized to validate corral placement

4. FINISH TIME VALIDATION:  imATHLETE can validate participant's historical race results from any endurance event they've done.  That validated finish time can be compared to their projected finish time.  Cool, huh?  

​If you still don't like any of that stuff, on the Custom Questions Page in Event Setup, you have the ability to not show Estimated Finish Time during your registration process by just unchecking the appropriate box.  This photo shows you the location of the aforementioned "appropriate box".